.      Do all products have the right license?

All products are manufacture with the very high standards in factories or labs that hold the relevant GMP and according to the health administration codes

2.      Are all products researched?

All Kaneh-b products are based on research either scientific research, clinical or pre-clinical.

3.      How do I know that the products are safe?

Almost all Kaneh-b products are based on years of use by people around the world known mostly by our previous brand  "Herbal Tune" all products are made with known / approved herbal compounds.

4.      Do the products need prescription?

The products are not medicine , they are food supplements or cosmetic/topical products. As so they do not need a prescription. Never the less you should read the label carefully. Pregnant women, children under 18 and people with chronic disease must consult with a doctor before use. 

5.      Is the site secured for purchase?

The site is secured by SSL& Pci.


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